Confidentiality and discretion have great importance for us. Therefore, we do not disclose details of our mandates without a prior authorization from our clients.

What we can say is that SYNERGIS has performed many projects in the following fields:

Strategy Process

Definition of the business strategy for mid-sized universal banks.
Strategic repositioning of an education center for the financial industry.

Pricing System Private Banking

Development of comprehensive tariff systems for private banking.

Product Development

Revision and new development of the product range 
in the retail business of a medium sized universal bank.

Internal Control System

Development and implementation of bank-wide internal control system with focus on operational risk.

Business Process Documentation

Development and implementation of bank-wide process documentation (Business, Management and Support processes).


Elaboration of detailed concepts for the development and the implementation of MIS systems.

Controlling Systems

Cooperation in developing software for a standardized MIS system (Responsible for business concept as well as for implementation at client site).

IT System

Project management during the introduction of global banking systems (Olympic, Apsys and Avaloq).

To be Analysis for IT Development

Definition of the needs and the “to be” processes for the development of IT solutions in the credit area.

Operational Support for IT migration

Support (business specific / organizational) for the implementation of Avaloq banking system for a mid sized foreign bank with universal bank set up.

Organization / BPR / Change Man-agement

Project management of profound bank reorganization. Based on the new strategy the banks adapted their organizational structures, business processes, client segmentation as well as the regulatory frameworks.


Redesign of the directives framework for the entire bank and for specific business units.

Software Synergiser

Development and marketing of Synergiser Process & Control and Synergiser Project Management.

Synergiser Process & Control is a software covering process management, activity based costing, internal control & incident management and management of operational losses.
Synergiser Project Management is a project management software.

Profitability Analysis

Profitability analysis of the commercial business line. The analysis was the decision basis for abandoning 
or retaining the commercial business.


Project management during the Euro Project 
in two banks in Switzerland.


Active participation in setting up a new branch 
of a foreign bank in Switzerland and an Asset Management Department.

Business Model
Private Banking

Development of business models for private banking activities (distribution model, organizational structure, team building, core processes, interface product development and distribution, etc.).